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Badorf Shoe Company, Inc History:


Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. has been producing and distributing the finest children’s footwear for over 90 years! 

Founded in Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1928 by the brothers Norman and Paul Badorf, Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. was owned and operated by the Badorf family for almost 40 years.  

In 1967, Badorf family friends Ura and Gladys Gingerich purchased the Company and the original West Lincoln Avenue shoe factory.

Over 50 years and three generations later, the Gingerich family tradition continues with Ura and Gladys’ son Duane Gingerich and Duane’s sons, Justin and Brandon Gingerich.


Historical Timeline:

  • 1928-1968:  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. operates as a private label production factory manufacturing products for existing footwear brands and large chain stores.
  • 1968:  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. launches the Footmates® brand; the first company-owned private brand, specializing in high quality, leather, infant and toddler footwear. 
  • 1977:  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. wins the “American Designer Award” from the Leather Industries of America, for the Footmates® high-top infant bootie style “Todd”.  Although having been updated throughout the years, the “Todd” is still available and one of the best-selling Footmates® patterns year after year.  Click here to see our Award Winning "Todd" pattern.
  • 1987:  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. is showcased on the children’s educational show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”. The visit was part of a week-long series by the popular children’s show on the subject of “dance”.  The show consisted of a factory tour and in-depth description of the technical operations of children’s footwear manufacturing.  (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 1987 Episode 3)
  • 2000:  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. partners with the popular European brand, RICOSTA® of Germany.  This marks the first distribution partnership for Badorf Shoe Company, Inc.  RICOSTA® is one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of children’s shoes and due to the brand’s commitment to producing the highest-quality, fitted footwear, was a natural fit for Badorf Shoe Company, Inc.  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of RICOSTA® in the United States of America.
  • 2006:  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. partners with Tsukihoshi® of Japan. Tsukihoshi® is a brand from one of the oldest and largest children’s shoe suppliers in Japan, having been producing footwear since 1873.  Tsukihoshi® was one of the first “functional” children’s specific athletic brands in the US, offering styles where each item is machine-washable, ultra-lightweight, and features removable-green tea extract deodorizing insoles.   This functionality and the brand’s vibrant color combinations effectively changed the US market.  Tsukihoshi® remains one of the leading brands in children’s athletics today. 
  • 2016:  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. transitions to becoming the exclusive Authorized Sales Agent, third party logistics and wholesale customer service provider for Tsukihoshi® in the United States of America.
  • 2022:  Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. becomes the exclusive distributor of Tsukihoshi® in the United States of America.


Brand Info:

Badorf Shoe Company, Inc. currently owns or represents the following brands:

  Best known for its “classic” offerings, Footmates® uses only the finest materials for its high quality sandals, saddle shoes, english sandals, t-straps, mary-janes and oxfords.  Offered from infant US Size 0 through youth US Size 5, Footmates® also has an exclusive removable dual insole “Custom Fit System” (CFS) which allows for customized fitting of the shoes to meet the individual needs of children.  Click here to see our current Footmates® Collection.
A Japanese athletic brand specializing in functional athletic footwear for children.  Available from infant US Size 3 through youth US Size 7, all Tsukihoshi® shoes are machine washable, ultra-lightweight, and feature removable-green tea extract deodorizing insoles.  The brand is known for its functionality, market-leading color combinations, and parent-friendly closures.  Many styles in this brand are also AFO friendly and are actively used by Orthopedic specialists.  Click here to see our current Tsukihoshi® Collection.
A premier European brand and one of the largest manufacturer of children’s shoes in Germany, RICOSTA® offers footwear for children from EU Size 18 through EU Size 43.  RICOSTA® manufactures 100% of its products in its own factories in Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.  RICOSTA® products cover all categories including a vast waterproof program with multiple lining options for all weather conditions.  All products feature direct-injection outsoles for light-weight durability and width options for optimum fit.