Sizing Charts & Fit


Every foot is unique and every brand utilizes different shoe specifications when making their shoes.  Thus, there is no single or "perfect" measuring device for all footwear brands.  Trying the shoes on is still the only way to truly know if you have selected the correct size with the proper "growing room" for the shoe you are purchasing.

With this in mind, and utilizing our decades long experience with fitting children in the Footmates® and Tsukihoshi® footwear brands, we have developed unique "Sizing Tools" for Footmates® and Tsukihoshi®. 


Click Here to download the Footmates "Sizing Tool" (PDF)



Click Here to download the Tsukihoshi "Sizing Tool" (PDF)


Each "Sizing Tool" is specific to either the Footmates® or Tsukihoshi® brand and attempts to take into consideration all the unique size and fitting attributes of the brand.  These "Sizing Tools" are not perfect, but they are the best that anyone can do in getting you close to the correct shoe size.

Need help in determining the right size to order, please contact us.